Hi, I’m Ian, totally ian, Morpheus. What I value most in life is connection. Relatedness. Connecting with ourselves, our true nature. Connecting with others, courageously, compassionately. Connecting with something bigger, a team, a community, a purpose. These are the spaces where we grow. Where we find meaning. Where we become wholehearted. Where we learn our unique dance.

My journey is one of resounding successes and painful failures. Glorious highs and depressing lows. The deepest friendships that I never thought possible. The brokenness of divorce I also thought impossible. I have trained leaders in massive multinationals and helped couples find meaning. Mentored one on one and addressed audiences of thousands. Sharing my story. Listening. Leading. Liberating. Laughing. Loving. Living.

Before I made the shift 14 years ago, I was in IT for 19 years, ending with a nearly 5 year stint in marketing at Microsoft South Africa. During that time I completed a part time Bachelors in Theology – not one of my cleverer moves! However, the follow up of a Master’s in Organisational Leadership was not only a lot of fun, it was quite life changing. I quickly realised I was more interested in people and their potential than my already keen interest in technology and gadgets. I have also recently completed the ORSC Training Series in Organisational and Relational Systems Coaching. I work with many clients, from multinationals like Anglo American and Coca Cola, to smaller enterprises and teams, right through to couples and individuals.