Hi, I’m Ian, totally ian, Morpheus. What I value most in life is connection. Relatedness. Connecting with ourselves, our true nature. Connecting with others, courageously, compassionately. Connecting with something bigger, a team, a community, a purpose. These are the spaces where we grow. Where we find meaning. Where we become wholehearted. Where we learn our unique dance.

Which is why I created Morpheus Genius – the humanity, science, and success of living and leading from your truest self. Visit the page to find out more about the keynotes and products I offer there. 

My journey is one of resounding successes and painful failures. Glorious highs and depressing lows. The deepest friendships that I never thought possible. The brokenness of divorce I also thought impossible. I have trained leaders in massive multinationals and helped couples find meaning. Mentored one on one and addressed audiences of thousands. Sharing my story. Listening. Leading. Liberating. Laughing. Loving. Living.

Before I made the shift 14 years ago, I was in IT for 19 years, ending with a nearly 5 year stint in marketing at Microsoft South Africa. During that time I completed a part time Bachelors in Theology – not one of my cleverer moves! However, the follow up of a Master’s in Organisational Leadership was not only a lot of fun, it was quite life changing. I quickly realised I was more interested in people and their potential than my already keen interest in technology and gadgets. I have also recently completed the ORSC Training Series in Organisational and Relational Systems Coaching. I work with many clients, from multinationals like Anglo American and Coca Cola, to smaller enterprises and teams, right through to couples and individuals.