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comfortable with discomfort

Melissa (excitedly): “Ian, you are becoming comfortable with discomfort!” Ian: “What does that mean? Why does it excite you? And how could that be a good thing?” The lie about comfort One of the biggest lies we have been sold is that the goal of life is to be happy. […]

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Feel loved

I always knew that I was loved by both my parents. The evidence through various doings was overwhelming. Mom woke me every morning with a mug of tea. We always had sandwiches for school and home cooked meals every evening. Dad served on the school’s parents association and later chaired […]

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I love touch. The feel of the wind in my hair. Water in the shower or swimming in the sea. Walking barefoot on the beach. Holding hands. The warm acceptance of a hug. Along with sound, it is a favourite of my senses: The Touch of Water I have […]

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Connection - Wandering about

Connecting: Places and People The two of the types of questions I get asked most frequently about all the travelling I do, are either about coping and enjoying travel, or about site seeing. This is not only from friends and family, but also from people I meet in the countries […]

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Listening to connect

I love sound. Birds singing. The wind in the trees. Gentle music. Waves crashing. The crunch of tyres on gravel. The connection I feel when listening to another. For the past few days I have been listening to the sounds caused by the wind. I’m beginning to notice the various […]

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Virtual Leadership

Is a virtual leader the opposite of a real leader? Or is virtual leadership about real leadership, in real relationships, with real people, who they really lead and influence? Ian and futurist Charlotte Kemp ( discuss how to lead in an increasingly virtual world. Listen to the virtual leadership interview […]

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