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comfortable with discomfort

Melissa (excitedly): “Ian, you are becoming comfortable with discomfort!” Ian: “What does that mean? Why does it excite you? And how could that be a good thing?” The lie about comfort One of the biggest lies we have been sold is that the goal of life is to be happy. […]

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I love touch. The feel of the wind in my hair. Water in the shower or swimming in the sea. Walking barefoot on the beach. Holding hands. The warm acceptance of a hug. Along with sound, it is a favourite of my senses: The Touch of Water I have […]

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Connection - Wandering about

Connecting: Places and People The two of the types of questions I get asked most frequently about all the travelling I do, are either about coping and enjoying travel, or about site seeing. This is not only from friends and family, but also from people I meet in the countries […]

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Liberty - not embarrassed to be the goofy funny guy

Liberty has been a major desire in my life for as long as I can remember. Freedom from the expectations of others. From the inner voices of ought, should and must. Free to be myself. Liberation from the why not’s that have stood in the way of excellence, significance, and […]

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