Morpheus Genius Keynote

The Morpheus Genius Keynote is an inspiring and liberating look at how you can live and lead from your truest self. It’s lively and fun. It challenges many preconceived ideas and assumptions that assault us. It argues the humanity, the science, and the success of discovering, accepting, and loving your unique essence. Take the red pill!.

Morpheus Genius Mastermind

The Morpheus Genius Mastermind is a discussion of your questions and thoughts about living and leading from your truest self. “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” – Neil Gaiman

Morpheus Genius Experience

The Morpheus Genius Experience is a one year journey of discovering, accepting, and loving your unique essence. It consists of: workshops and webinars on the model’s three perspectives and nine strategies, a “who am I?” bootcamp, membership of an exclusive community, one on one sessions, and your own personalised journals.

Morpheus Genius Intensive

“The Morpheus Genius Intensive is a personal deep dive into your leadership genius on a 6 day retreat at an exclusive destination. It consists of: inputs, discussions, small groups, one on ones, contemplation, journaling, and lots of fun. It’s an extended mastermind on living and leading from your truest self.

Writer of the totally ian blog

I wonder what will happen if I simply write the way I speak?” This was a thought I had after yet another person asked me to please write. I have continually been asked: “when is your book coming out?”, or “do you have a blog?” But I don’t trust my grammar, my style, my sentence structure, my creativity. So I tried it anyway. Writing the way I speak. However, without all my “ums” and “urs”! It turns out there are a few people who do like it. Enough to finally publish my blog. I hope you like it too.

The common thread of all of this is life. This thing we embrace and that embraces us. I’m excited about anything that brings life. That makes us more alive. Actually that has expanded into 5 more words that also begin with “L”. Laughter, is a magic ingredient in life. I’m amused by unusual and quirky things. I love laughing. Talking of love, that too is a topic. Not much on romance though – that is a touchy subject! Love is an essential ingredient for all of life, including the way we lead. Ah, leadership is the next “L”. It’s what I teach. It’s what the world needs. It’s what we all need at the self level. We could also do with more leaders who listen. Listening. Another “L” word. Except for me it’s not just the essential listening to lead, and listening to coach. It’s listening to music. My favourite hobby. Something that sets me free. Which brings me to my last word – liberty. I think most of us crave it. More autonomy. Not just from bosses, politicians, teachers and parents. But from ourselves. Liberty from our shame, our sabotage, our negative self talk. The freedom to be our truest selves. Freedom to be who we really are.